Poem: Perks of Minding One’s Own Business

On a Highway, cars were passing by, Drivers neither looking left nor right. But they all stared astonished When a girl jumped off a bridge. They wondered „why wasn’t anyone there to stop her?“ You were there. Why didn’t you? Poem: Perks of Minding One’s Own Business weiterlesen

Poem: The Nervous First

as she enters the bright stage
the spotlight hits her hard.
she feels trapped as in a lit up cage
with people staring from the dark,

and all she wants is to escape.


applause and excited mumble
never reach her ear,
still sheltered in her bubble,
she begs God to take her fear;

is no answer from above evidence of trouble?


she tightly clings to a piece of paper,
words she wrote to read out later,
but when she looks down to remember
the letters blur as her hand’s atremble

uncontrollably like a stranger’s.


losing grip, she lifts her head
to find faces that she loves
but the faces in the crowd seem dead,
masks with names she doesn’t know

waiting for the words unsaid.

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Throwback: A Stop to Remember

Hallo ihr Lieben!

Es ist zwar schon spät, aber zum Glück noch nicht zu spät für einen Throwback Thursday-Beitrag. Heute gehe ich um drei Jahre zurück und stelle euch ein Gedicht vor, das ich während meines Studiums in Anlehnung an William Stafford’s „Traveling Through the Dark“ geschrieben habe. Findet ihr den Double Entendre? „Throwback: A Stop to Remember“ weiterlesen